Double Shot Gals releasing on PS4 & PS5


An ecchi carnival full of shooting and attractions.

We are very happy to announce that Double Shot Gals after some adjustments were made Double Shot Gals can finally be released on PS4 & PS5 consoles. 

You can request a review code here.

Step right up! After a hard and busy week, tonight was supposed to be a fun night in the fairgrounds of Paradise Park.

However, things don't always go according to plan, so here begins this bizarre and sexy story! Complete with small narrative scenes, Double Shot Gals focuses on ecchi themed carnival adventure with arcade gameplay to create hilarious and sexy experiences.

Unlock prizes including new skins and artwork.


  • Meet 5 amazing girls!
  • 2 shots, 2 types of gems, 2 views!
  • Unlockable gallery with HD pictures by cartoonist Oscar Celestini!
  • High replay value with the arcade mode!

The game will cost 4.99 USD / EUR and will feature cross-buy between PS4 and PS5 versions. 

Game Screenshots