Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf

As their first year together at Amadronia Academy ends, Lisha and Sable make plans to spend their break in a bucolic elven village.

What awaits them is not the holiday they wanted. Their time away is soon spoiled by news of recent mysterious crimes. Sable and Lisha encounter one shocking revelation after another: mind control, forbidden magic, and a new side to Lisha’s father's past.

With the chaos going on around them, is a tender moment between man and elf too much to wish for?

* Visual novel with 150,000 words
* Many members of the first game's cast return, with several new additions
* Optional explanations, so players can either learn the world or skip things explained in the first game
* Glossary and cast screens provide additional information about the game's characters and terminology
* 2 different endings
* 28 CGs
* All original artwork and music


PS4, PS5, Switch
Release date:
Zetsubou Games