Would you like to run an idol café? 3

When Yokoyama Naoya learns that his beloved Seaside Cafe is struggling on the brink of closure, he helps his cute friends Ichigo, Mayuki and Kuu form an idol group to help promote the cafe.

Their idol group is called Sweet Shoreline and their first music video is a massive viral success. Due to their newfound popularity, the group is invited to an idol competition in Tokyo. Will the girls be victorious, or will their rivals, Honey Devil, take them down?

The fate of Sweet Shoreline, and of The Seaside Café, rests, once again, upon Naoya's shoulders.

* Visual novel about a maid cafe with cute idols
* Beautiful anime girls
* Your choices as a manager will affect if the group success
* Third game in the series


PS4, PS5, Switch
Release date:
StarlightTree Games