Would you like to run an idol café? 2

Yokoyama Naoya learns that The Seaside Café is struggling and runs the risk of closing. Wanting to save the café from being shuttered, Naoya turns to his childhood friend, Ichigo, for advice.
After giving the predicament some thought, Ichigo decides that what The Seaside Café is lacking is its own idol group. Bright, shining, sparkling idols should be more than enough to rescue the café from obscurity, and bring about a huge influx in potential customers!

Ichigo enlists Kuu and Mayuki, and together they form an idol unit called Sweet Shoreline. But challenges abound! Mayuki and Kuu have no experience neither in singing nor dancing, and there's even a formidable rival idol group looming across town.

Will Sweet Shoreline be able to succeed, or will they self-destruct before accomplishing their noble goals? That's for Naoya's actions to determine!

* Visual novel about a maid cafe with cute idols
* Romance and ecchi gameplay
* Beautiful anime girls
* Your choices as a manager will affect the group’s success

A few CGs have been edited, and some dialogues have been toned down on the PS4/5 version.


PS4, PS5, Switch
Release date:
Winged Cloud